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67 Mustang Fastback, 4 speed, 4 link, Tubbed, Roll Cage, Coil Overs

This is Mark's baby. We've had the pleasure to meet Mark and his lovely wife Marlene.
And then the pleasure to be able to build his Mustang the way he's always wanted it.
The original plan was to install a 4 link back half under the Mustang. When we received the car we noticed that it was in need of a lot of rust repair. It was Mustang rusty.  Rockers, inner and outer, inner front wheel wells, and a complete floor. When the rust repair was completed we were able to start installing the rear 4 link.  This is a competition 4 link with coilovers and a ford 9" posi rear. Next we installed tubular upper and lower front control arms with coilovers . Than we build and welded in place the roll cage to make sure that everybody is safe and secure. Tinning the interior was fun due to the tight confines of a caged car. As you can see it turned out fantastic. Marks Mustang now handles as if it were on rails and goes down the road straight and fast.