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1932 Ford With a Lexus V8

We received this car from another shop that had no idea how to make it work.  Midnight completely rebuilt the whole car.  Custom transmission adapter plate to mate the Lexus V8 to a GM 700R4 transmission.  Built a custom wiring harness. Fabricated custom valve covers. Redid the dash, hooked in the heater and A/C controls installed. Made the interior from scratch.  Reengineered the steering linkage. Performed all plumbing and wiring.  Built a custom exhaust, including custom headers. Resquared the rear end, which had been installed incorrectly.  Installed poppers in the doors and did all the necessary work to make the top work correctly.  Performed numerous tasks related to fit and finish.

After all the mechanical work was performed, Midnight worked with APEX tuning out of California to get everything running just so.

The car has won four first place trophies in its first four shows.