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1932 Ford With Flames

Gordon, one of our many return customers, purchased this car from an online auction site, and it was not quite as described. 

We had a full page of to do things for this car before we had it off of the trailer. We re-did the wiring front to back, installed a transmission cooler, made and installed SS brake lines with a proportioning valve, chrome master cylinder and booster, replaced the rear calipers with calipers of the correct piston size, to match the front calipers, moved the fuel tank filler from the trunk to the rear deck, remade the headlight brackets, made rear coil-over spacers, rebuilt the king pins, rebuilt the carburetor, replaced the rocker arms and push-rods, replaced the harmonic balancer,replace and remount the alternator, replaced the distributor, reworked the steering geometry. The boys at Midnight Fab also machined the billet hood openers and the battery hold down. After the decision was made to make a transmission cover to match he speed blisters on the side of the hood. We took a sheet of Aluminum and hand formed and polished it into the transmission cover.

Basically we made the car both show-ready AND road-worthy. Turned out good. What do you think?

Paint and Flames by Crash Customs.